Arvano Concave is a one piece, high-end concave wheel line with 9 unique designs. Each of these designs are built in 4 different concavity profiles – A, B, C, and D. Each profile has been measured to fit a specific range of vehicles to ensure the customer is getting the most concave wheel available in the market for their vehicle.


From conception to packaging, Arvano maintains the highest quality standards. Our dedicated staff has over 60 years industry experience. After two years of strenuous testing, we are proud to bring you Arvano.

Each wheel is made from the highest quality American aluminum and put through a low pressure casting method. Once the wheel is created, it undergoes FEA testing in order to exceed OEM specs. Then, it is trialed for radial, impact, and cornering quality. Finally, each wheel is meticulously powder coated in an OEM style, durable finish.

Without ever leaving the United States, each wheel is set to a higher standard than the last. This quality standard is the reason we can provide our industry leading warranty.


Arvano has designed each wheel in 4 different profiles and fitments. If you’re looking for one of the ultimate quality concave wheels, look no further.


20x9 | 20x10.5 | 22x9 | 22x10.5

9 Styles. 4 Finishes. 4 Depths. Choose one.


Arvano Concave is revolutionizing the wheel industry’s standards in quality, finish and design. Our wheels are built, finished, painted, and boxed in the United States.

This country was built upon dedication, hardwork, and quality. Arvano embodies these values through our American engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and finishing process. Arvano is truly an All-American brand.


Lamborghini Gallardo on 20″ Front 22″ Rear Arvano Moderno’s

Infiniti M56 on Arvano Vento Profile A+B

Maserati Quattroporte on Arvano Aventura Profile A+C


Making quality wheels is one thing, guaranteeing it is another. Our reputation has been built on quality and we stand behind it. We’re so confident in our American engineers, American manufacturers, and American finishing process, that we’ve set the bar with an industry leading 10-year warranty and a lifetime structural warranty.

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